Wooden Halls, Stables

Currently in the world in particular, more and more people have private breeding farms. The number of people who have horses for riding or riding competition is constantly growing. And here is the question – where should I keep the horses? Keep them free or build a small stable? The choice is yours!

Apart from the private enthusiasts, the entire horse business is developing. The growing interest in horse riding influenced many resorts, pensions, and hotels, as well as private clubs to provide facilities for keeping horses and provide additional services – horse walks, horse riding, stable rental or organization of weddings and other celebrations.

This trend has created demand for a new product for the fans of horse riding – building of stables of long-pass wooden overlay beams and rafter systems.

Greenarch has successfully mastered this for of building creating small and enormous stables. Our wood processing company is able to produce laminated wooden structures 24 meters long, as well as the bent-glued building about 24 meters. This allows us to build systems with large areas of overlays, install arched and dome mount constructions.

Wooden stables and indoor arenas – is the best optimal solution for keeping your animals.


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