Wooden Bridges

Bridges are constructions which are associated with all kinds of human activities. There is even a saying that bridges are more important than houses and more holy than churches because they unite and are profitable equally to all.

Since ancient times, people used natural crossings whether it was over water or ravines, and the  fallen trees or stone passages served as bridges. Later, people began to cut down trees especially for simple crossings – so there appeared the first wooden bridges.

Wooden bridges were very popular in Switzerland and their dynamic development initiated in the 18th century.

In Central Europe there are still about 200 wooden bridges in use. Many bridges were covered with a tiled roof and now function as awning for protection from bad weather. The oldest bridges are those on Rhine and the Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) in Lucerne, which were built in the 14th century.

Nowadays, the use of wood in building of bridges is a developed technique. Application of new technologies in processing wood such as laminated wood and large-span laminated wooden structures, allows applying effective design solutions in the building of wooden bridges.

Our company is one of the few which produces large-span laminated wooden structures: the maximum length is 24 m, the maximum height is 2.5 m; width from 90 mm to 220 mm. We also manufacture the bent-laminated building with a maximum radius of 7 m. It gives us the opportunity to build bridges of arched designs that perform both practical and decorative functions. Such a bridge will be a decoration of your land.


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