Sports Hall Construction

In today’s world it is impossible to imagine people’s lives without sport. Natural physical activities that people had in the past were replaced with different equipment as the civilisation developed. And the fashionable term „lack of motion” becomes more and more important in modern society. Sports halls which were built 20-30 years ago did not meet the expectations of the modern people. Therefore, building sports halls is a vital need of the society.

Our company offers quick, reliable, durable, and environmentally friendly way to build these halls. They are wooden constructions with the use of large-span beams (up to 24 m) of overlay beams and bent-glued structures.

There are several types of structures where glued and bent-glued wood is used: arches and frames that can be used to cover swimming pools, ice rinks, water parks, tennis courts, sport complexes and other sports facilities. In such cases, it is necessary to take into account the economical issues since the use of wooden structures in building reduces costs by 10-30% and the later costs of operation are reduced by 20-50% in comparison with metal and concrete structures.

Prefabricated elements which are made in the plant, together with the developed technology of the used elements makes it possible to commission the building as soon as possible. The use of bent-laminated beams and designs allows creating structures of all sizes and shapes. The solution of the original architectural design ideas does not require additional finishing. Moreover, in such areas there are practically no artificial decorative materials, and because of that in the places they are assembled it is easier to breath.


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