Roof of shingle

In the modern world return to our roots and traditions have become a kind of trend. It is also related to both types of materials that are used for the assembly of roofs. One of them is shingle – it is a roof which is made in the form of plates of wood of 600 mm thickness and the following dimensions 10*12*400. Shingles are made with a special cleaver, which split off of the wooden plates of chocks.  Shingle can be with or without it, with wedge-profiled squared cross-section – one edge narrower, and the other is wider; a slot is made in the wider edge in which, when assembling the roof, the narrow edge shingle is put.

Conifers (larch, spruce and pine) are most commonly used for the building of shingle, because they contain resins that are natural antiseptics and prevent the formation of mould and mildew. Due to the resin content, these types of wood are resistant to sunlight and temperature impact. Wooden roofs of conifers (especially larch) are very tough. Before assembling the roof shingle is impregnated with special antiseptics.

It is recommended that shingle on inhabited houses is assembled in three overlapping layers with angle of inclination at least 23% – it is necessary to maintain the waterproof properties of the roof. Shingle is assembled on a crate with cross-section of 50×50 mm, taking into account the distance between the purlins axes which should be: for a 3-layer roof – one third of the length shingle, for a 2-layer roof – half the length of shingles. Shingles are assembled from the eaves to the ridge, and in rows from right to left. Shingles are led by narrow edges into the grooves  and nailed the top and bottom and herewith the following row of installation must overlap the sutures of installation of previous row. Shingle can be used for lining of façades.

Shingle roof is very durable (20-40 years) and it gives individuality and originality to any building.


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