Log Houses

Building the log houses becomes more and more popular form of building among the citizens of Ukraine, Russia and the European Union. In Ukraine, the basic material in building of the logs is fir tree (Carpathian ale) or pine tree. These homes have low thermal conductivity, and they remain very warm, and during hot summer, they remain cool.

During the building we use beams of 220 mm and 240 mm diameter. Corner joints are created in the place of assembly because beams have natural moisture and the time of delivery to the object of assembly may cause insignificant deformation, which will affect the quality assembly of the house. Beams are fastened together with oak pegs, and in the corner joints they are fastened to foundation by anchor spokes. Natural linen is laid between logs as the crown heating material.

Using of modern technologies, and the experience of our employees allow moving in the house immediately after the assembly and not waiting for it to shrink. Modern Wooden House provides a complete range of services, from design, planning of plot, to capital building of house and landscape design.

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