Laminated Overlay Beams 24m

Greenarch produces large-span laminated wooden structures about 24 meters long of various cross-sections. Log can be planed, profiled squared for use as a wall material; cut and laminated, which is used for floors and rafters.

Non-standard laminated wooden beams are used when overlay of large drifts and creation of a spacious large room is required; they simplify designing, give aesthetic attractiveness; besides, they are very practical. Large drift laminated wooden structures have several advantages:

  • fast design and assembly due to prefabrication
  • light weight structures with high durability
  • precision of design and ease of handling
  • possibility of manufacturing of products of various cross-sections and shapes
  • high resistance to open fire, low thermal conductivity, achieving the fire resistance in about 30 minutes without any additional impregnation or finishing
  • no shrinkage and cracking
  • resistance to aggressive environment
  • seismic stability
  • low costs of production and assembly without the use of heavy building equipment.

Therefore, taking into account the possibility of using laminated log and its constructions the material is very beneficial in the building phase and the operation.

All of these economical characteristics have the positive effect in the long run. Make the right decision and build using new technologies and materials.


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