Green roofs

One of the wonders of the world – the famous „Hanging Gardens of Babylon” was, in fact, the first green roof. Since ancient times residents of the northern Europe and Russia insulated houses, covering them with turf and moss.

In the Western Europe, due to the dense built-up and the absence of green plants, roof terraces were constructed on city buildings and they were made green. As we can see, the green roof is an old architectural tradition which was continued and developed in the modern world. In the city and private building concept of creating a green roof which can be used for recreation with decorative landscape, attracts architects and clients.

The use of free space of roofs for places to rest, allowed filling the empty space of green areas in the cities. Entire gardens with ponds, fountains, lawns, and flower beds, as well as golf courses Can be designed on the roofs. Modern technologies and materials will create a reliable protection for the roof, irrigation systems, and drainage, also lighting, etc.

It should be emphasised that the creation of a green roof is not only beautiful, but also practical, as it has a longer life than asphalt or polymer. As a waterproof material it is protected from sunlight and temperature changes, which slows down the process of its destruction. In addition, the green roof humidifies the air and creates coolness; it absorbs dust; improves thermal insulation and sound insulation of the roof, and it prevents the rapid spread of fire.


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