Glued Beams Houses

Wooden glued beams houses have significant advantages with houses of rough logs, round log or massive log. These houses, except covering of walls by antiseptic walls do not require external decoration.

Benefits of the glued beams houses:

Laminated log has a very low thermal conductivity. Thickness of wall 200 mm in glued beam replaces 1 m of brick laying. In such houses it is very warm. Assembly of wooden structural elements of the house is very fast: as the house is transferred from production with already kickoff for the project, we assembly it like a building set.

All parts, if properly laminated, do not squander during the use, save their shape, are solidi and durable. Particularly careful drying of board allows avoiding cracks and putrid lesions of walls. Using modern technology, in the process of using of appropriate impregnations log receives protection from insects, external factors (sun, water), and from the fire.

The only disadvantage of glued beams houses is that they require qualified handling. Therefore, the building of these houses is the work of professionals, the work of the company “Greenarch”, a company with great experience in designing and building.

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