Copper Roofs

Copper roofs are high class roofs. In the building of roofs, roof copper is used since ancient times. For some time it has been forgotten, but today is back in fashion. Copper roof attracts the attention with its beauty and splendour.

Roof copper reduces the risk of infection by bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, copper is not only a beautiful and high quality roof material, but also a great barrier against bacteria harmful to the health of your family. Scientists proved that copper is helps fighting various infections and diseases; it stabilizes the nervous, immune, and reproductive systems of the human body. It also makes heart and liver work better. Under such roof roof children less frequently get ill.

Copper roofs change colour in time: gold during the initial stage, the roof becomes slightly matt after assembly, and after several years, the roof has a beautiful light brown colour; and in 10-12 years it is covered with the scale of green and brown colour. This roof has a lot of advantages: flexibility and ease of assembly, eco-friendly, durable and solid, resistant to corrosion.

Applying all rules when assembling the copper roof, makes it possible to maintain all of its advantages. For example, in order to keep anti-corrosion, the main condition for the assembly is to avoid direct contact with iron or aluminium which leads to corrosion of metal. To avoid accumulation of atmospheric or static electricity, a lightning conductor needs to be installed.

Copper roof is a plastic material that can be used for the roofs of complex architectural forms. It is resistant to acids, dry gas, and water, thanks to the thin layer of patina which covers the copper protecting it from damages and corrosion. This roof never rust, its melting temperature is 1080 degrees Celsius.

In the building of copper roof copper plates are used. Technology and the features of this roof allow overlay the roof with a thin layer of flexion. This material is very flexible, easy to repair, and fireproof. Copper panels are easily removed and replaced by new ones. Thanks to the use of the proper connection the leak-tightness of the roof structure can be maintained.

Copper is a heat-conducting material allowing heating of the roof in winter to avoid the formation of ice dams and icicles. Copper is the only such durable material for roofs which in time acquires valuable properties and additionally is the best solution in terms of price.


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