GreenArch Sp. z o.o. produces glued beams in its own wood processing plants which are equipped in all modern and advanced devices necessary for the production of beams and their further processing and slitting.

The production of the glued beam begins with sawing and drying of wood (beam) to the moisture of 10-12% in the drying chambers with the automatic system of mode regulation (up to 800 m3 of wood of coniferous kinds per month). Then, the dry boards go through the sawing line (fa. Weining) and the calibrating line where the defects (pitch pockets, large and tar knots, bark, blue stain, etc.). When sorting wood its quality and aesthetic parameters which are taken into account during glueing of the beam are checked since our external lamellas are solid. The process of joining semi-finished products for the wedge multi-tenons comes after sorting. The joint beam is made and it is next whittled and cross-cut to size.

Joint, shot, and cross-cut beam are glued together on a Weima press; the external lamellas should be glued in a certain order (of cutting) which allows minimizing the possibility of cracks and producing the beam which is visually aesthetic. Our facility possesses 24-meter long press which allows us to produce glued beam up to 24 meters, as well as bent-glued beams of different sections, of maximum height of the beam up to 2.5 meters at the length of 24 meters, with the maximum bent up to 7 meters.

The glued beam may have 2, 3, 5, or even more layers (depending on the number of the beams glued together). Next, the ready glued beam is whittled, profiled, and cross-cut. Our facility is equipped in multi-task machine tools which are computer controlled and this allows to achieve the maximum precision in processing the material and achieving the best-quality product. We use Leitz tools.

Our Company also deals with the construction of the traditional wooden houses – building with logs from the round logs and the barked logs. We offer the round logs of the following diameter: from 18 to 34 mm from the coniferous trees – pine trees and spruce trees. We produce round logs on special machines giving them the right geometry in terms of the length of the entire log; we profile the assembly key and carry out the compensation notch which is to release the internal tension of the wood. After the mechanical processing the surface of the wood becomes smooth, homogeneous, does not have any roughness or dents. Such qualities of the log allow to decrease the cost, make the assembly of the construction faster, still remaining the ecologically clean product.

The volume of the round log production – up to 800 m3 per month.

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The chapters present the process of production and assembling, qualities and merits of the presented technology, as well as the set of the shipping documents for the transport and export of the product abroad.